European Literature Circle (ELC)

organized by Euro Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation (EAPCF), Brasov, Romania

Henter Agnes (12 years) Brasov, Eternal Symbols


Our duty is to take care of the High

ELC began its existence in 2000, from the necessity of the Romanian civil society to define herself, to find her true Identity. We want the ELC to be a real Center for true Intelligence and Creativity of the young people from Romania and not only, to find together the most valuable way for the better Understanding and Education. These National Values need to be known, and, also, these young persons need to meet other people, young people from Romanian Diaspora, from Europe and World Wide.

They form a Generation that will fully penetrate this Millennium.

A distinguished writer and researcher in the Youth field said that our life is like a plane surface, like a Field, and what is above or under this level are accidents. This "above" accidents: the super-intelligence, the talent, the genius are happy accidents - accidents of altitude, if we consider the field the base. We say "happy" because our Society is characterized by mediocrity.

In this case, the duty of the plane surface, of the Field, is to take care of the High. This is what we are trying to do in this world where the poorness of the Soul and Mind are more and more obvious.

Unfortunately, the Third Millennium may be characterized by the multiplication of the underground accidents.

The corruption in the High spheres of the Power, the easy - access to drugs, the all powerful organized crime and terrorism, the nuclear weapons, the high pollution of the environment, these scary realities of the Modern World with unpredictable consequences for civilization.

The economic advanced states, promote and define this Millennium by the Model through Education, a New Model which the gifted people will represent for us the Salvation.

The intelligent and talented people are the Hope. They can light, guide and save the Humanity through Faith, Intelligence and Creativity.

Our Role is to determine the politicians, the governments and the Youth organizations to create the necessary conditions.

Valeriu Iordan Popescu

Founding President