In the spirit of European Values

Promoting with consistency the creative contribution of young generation

On the occasion of



In this world, in which mediocrity

And the selfishness become more and more overwhelming

Award today, on the 24th of October 2002,

At the Forum for New Europe

(2nd international Edition)

The Excellency Diploma

for the year 2002

to the following personalities who have been investigated and discovered new possibilities of development and have created new targets for the moral ,material and spiritual progress of mankind through work, professionalism, talent, and self devotion ,becoming:


·        Mrs. Harriet Mayor Fulbright, chairman, ICAF, Washington, DC

·        for the contribution of great value in the activity of saving and promoting the rights of the child in the whole world, through education and art stimulation, completing the great work of her famous husband concerning the defense of man’s rights in Central and Eastern Europe.

·        dr. eng. Andrei Constantin, General Manager of the Institute of Chemistry Technology, Brazi (ICTB)

·        for the developing a new product and a new method of treating the psoriasis, unique in the whole world

·        dr. Abraham Peled (USA), scientist of Romanian origin, President- General Manager of NDS Company, affiliated to the News Corp. Concern and to the magnate Rupert Murdoch

·        for the important contribution in the development of software in pre- pay TV system and for the performance to become, this way, the partner of the biggest media companies in the world


·        dr. Traian Chirila (Australia), “the Romanian who gives back the seeing”, the scientist who gives a new hope to the 10 millions of people who suffer of blindness in the whole world

·        for inventing the artificial cornea

·        Cristian Nechita (USA), the naturist and bone doctor, a blind person, of Romanian origin, who have lost his seeing, looking for new methods of treatment in India and Tibet for the good of people

·        for major contributions in finding new methods of diagnosis and treatment through touching, great personalities like Hillary Clinton, Marta Steward, Charles Biers, businessmen, artists, famous football players benefiting these treatments

·        for self devotion and sacrifice given to young people


·        prof. dr. Louis J. D’Amore (USA), President of the International Instititute Peace through Tourism

·        for setting up the first Institute in world that wants to promote peace through tourism, wanting “Peace and Understanding Network”, a bridge of flowers built over countries and time


·        prof. dr. Benito Melchionna (Italy), excellent jurist, attorney in Crema town, member of Promoter Committee of UNO Court for environment

·        for the book “Ambiente e Mercato .Un futuro sostenibile” that had a great international echo offering juridical solutions concerning the relation between market, environment and development, in a world in which environment knows a permanent degradation. The Romanian version will be published in 2003 by our Foundation Publishing House


·        Valentin Bucur from Predeal, a talented man who creates miniatures, an excellent example for the young generation

·        for his faith in the Christian values and his ambition to create with talent and tenacity a work that, after his sayings, “will revolt the mankind”, surpassing the performances of Chinese handicraftsmen.


·        prof. Ovidiu Dan Chirila, Manager of Philharmonic Orchestra from Brasov, on the occasion of 125 years of existence of this cultural institution

·        for the excellent management, professionalism and endeavor to maintain Philharmonic Orchestras prestige and fame, that is considered one of the best in Europe.


·        Tourism Minister, Dan Matei Agathon

·        for his work of promotion and his ambition to rebuild the Romanian tourism prestige and in the whole world, resorting to the youth elixir symbolized by Dracula.


for the year 2002

to the following young people in the Competition

who proved that they belong to the new generation giving evidence of perseverance, capacity of invent, creativity and self-devotion, becoming:


·        Radu Stefan, 3rd year student at the Computer Science Faculty, awarded with Silver Medal at the International Competition of Computer Science in Beijing, China

·        Ghita Ioana Luiza, 11 years old, painting, the work: Planetary Balance

·        David Bianca Alexandra, 12 years old, painting, the work: Survival through myth

·        Henter Agnes, 11 years old, painting, the work: Brasov-Romania.Eternal Symbols

·        Buca Ioana, 12 years old, painting, the work: Dream Orchestra

·        Coman Miruna, 12 years old, painting, the work: Nature and Language”

·        Matei Robert, 11 years old, painting, the work:” Hey, man! I think you know what are you doing!”

·        Ovidiu Pârjol, piano

·        Alexandra Fit, piano

·        Mirela Mariana Balint, Programme Manager, “Euro-Asia” Foundation

- for the creative activity and for making evident the new areas of knowledge through art and culture

- for assimilating the values of Informational Technology (IT) in a permanent changing world.