Holy Father, 

It is a great honour for us to send in the name of the Board of "Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation" and of the "European Literature Circle" this symbolic Message.

If this piece of paper could talk, it would say that it hides in its structure the thoughts and the hopes of a nation that had known many times the horrors of the wars. It had also known the oppression of foreign occupancy, of a matchless totalitarian regime and of an unnatural system for its historical order.

The European Literature Circle was born to maintain Hope. The hope that this world may look different, maybe better, more human. More than one hundred young people creators, adolescents and children from all over the world, artists, writers, painters, composers, computer experts etc, gathered under "The Magic Pencil" symbol are anxious to create another image of the "Global Village", a wiser one and maybe more just. But for all these they need Peace and Love.

Itís time that Love and Peace defeat terror and contempt for life. The Civilization of Love is a sensitive flower that needs love, light, faith and beauty. Letís build it together to honour our predecessors, those who gave all their lives to protect the human values. Letís fight against the poverty and letís create good conditions for a civilized global World.

His initiative of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, for the values of the Civilization of Love represents a courageous and excellent action that may change the world.

For this reason our Foundation, in the spirit of European Values, promoting with consistency the creative contribution of the young Generation, on the occasion of European Literature Circle

Today, on 16th October

At the Forum for New Europe (3rd international edition)

Send this warm message to his

Unique Personality, Model for the Humanity

Who has investigated and discovered new possibilities of development and has created new targets for the moral, material and spiritual progress of mankind through work, professionalism, talent, love and self devotion, becoming:




Brasov, Romania, October 2003