Project 2006


            The European Literature Circle – as part of the program “Culture 2000, 2006 bid” is looking for partners for an original project, which should have regional, European and international impact and which is oriented towards the creation of the “Global Village”.


                                    Danube Symphony for Europe, No.10


            The Danube springs from a misterious place in the Black Forest mountains and, after passing through the territory of 10 countries, flows into the impetuous Black Sea  waves through three draughts of the Delta of Danube (notice the association of words: Black Forest – Black Sea). During all this route, the great river creats a unique Symphony of unique beauty.

·        a Symphony made up of the talent and craftsmanship of ten interpreters, all from Europe, having different degrees of knowledge and different experiences;

·        it is a Symphony created with the help of a German piano forte, an Austrian viola, a Romanian pan – flute, some violins from Bulgaria,Croatia, Hungary, Moldavia, Slovakia, a Jugoslavian double bass, an Ucrainian percussion... a somewhat strange polyphony, with a special melos;

·        it is a strange Symphony, which starts in the Black Forest with a vals, “Blue Danube” and ends in the Black Sea with another vals, “Danube Waves

The paradox of this work of art derives from the common wish of all the interpreters to integrate in the European Symphony.

Starting from this idea, our goal is to produce, in collaboration with European televisions and partners, a TV film which would present each country and the way these countries integrate in this unique Symphony. Each country’s nature, culture, customs and traditions would be presented. Their accomplishments and even their failures could be included.

We would like to create an unique site on the Internet, dedicated to the Danube, to the environment, the natural beauties, the Economy and the Culture of the countries through which it passes.

In this scenary, the River should be presentd as a way of uniting and not of separeting us.

The Danube Symphony is a symphony for the Third Millennium and it serves peace and understanding among the people and nations.

The objectives of this project are:

·      composing this Symphony and interpreting it ( a Challenge for the gifted and talented composers and intepreters); making it known through multimedia Cultural activities;

·      creating a common Touristic and  Cultural program,etc.


Date and place of the project’s Promotion: September, 2006, Brasov, Romania.

·      We Hope you will join us!


Special Note


            On April 29th and 30th ,2001, in Romania, at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest a very important event took place: a Summit dealing with enviromental issues of the Carpathian – Danubian area and the long-lasting development of the zone. The Conference was hosted by Romanian President, Ion Iliescu, and His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Honorary President of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

            H.R.H. Philip Weller asserted that the natural resources can be the basis for the future prosperous development of this Region:

            “ This area has a unique, special value for the entire Europe; in this area there are two of the most important zones identified by the WWF in the “Global 2000” Program: the Danube Delta, the second greatest typical area in Europe and the Carpathian Mountains, which represent the greatest area in Europe covered by virgin forests, where lasting populations of beares, wolves and lynx live”.