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BBC News
(3 August 2012)  

Romanian pianist Mihaela Ursuleasa dies aged 33

Award-winning Romanian pianist Mihaela Ursuleasa has died aged 33.

The international musician was found dead in her apartment in Vienna, Austria, where she had lived since studying in the city.

A statement on Ursuleasa's website said: "We have not only lost a wonderful person but one of the greatest artists our musical world has known."

She is survived by a five-year-old daughter, according to Arts Journal.

The arts website said several reports blamed her death on a brain haemorrhage.

The message on the star's own website continued: "We are in deep sorrow because of her sudden unexpected death. Our thoughts are with her daughter and her mother."

Ursuleasa had been due to play with the National Youth Orchestra on Wednesday in Bucharest and on Saturday in Berlin.

She was born in Brasov, Romania and began her career at the early age of five, before making the decision to withdraw from the stage in 1990 to concentrate on studying in Vienna.

Her "rare combination of vivacity and technical mastery" meant she went on to win the highly acclaimed Clara Haskil Competition in 1995.

Her online biography from EAS Music Management said she was "one of the most remarkable pianists of her generation".

Ursuleasa performed at world renowned venues such as Amsterdam's Concertgebouw, the Philharmonie Cologne, Konzerthaus Vienna, Tonhalle Zurich and in the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York.

She had also been welcomed as a guest soloist by orchestras such as the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Berlin, Mozarteum Orchestra, Orchestre National de France, London Philharmonic Orchestra and Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

In 2010, her debut solo album, Piano & Forte won the ECHO Klassik award for Solo Recording of the Year.

Her second solo album Romanian Rhapsody was released in March 2011.

Our Request

We have the honor to address these lines on behalf of
“Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation (EAPCF)”.
Our Foundation and "Reduta" Cultural Centre from  Brasov, Romania,
founded in 2000  the European Literature Circle, 
the first online Literary Circle in the world.
“Reduta Cultural Center” from Brasov is a remarkable innovative
Center oriented to the promotion of creative industries at local,
national and international level.

We have several Olympic teams and Artistic groups that can
participate in
the events and programs organized by
your institution with the same profile:

- Children and Youth
- Culture
- Education
In the same time, we request your Support for two of ours Projects
dedicated to the memory of the Great pianist
Mihaela Ursuleasa.
Please let us know if these projects can participate
in your
selection of projects for  Grants in 2014

Please send us your comments and response at:
piordan @yahoo.com

Best regards !
Valeriu Iordan Popescu, Ph.D.
Founding President

                          Project No.1/ 2013         
                 CENTRE of EXCELLENCE

                   MIHAELA URSULEASA
                   BRAŞOV, ROMANIA

Many children from poor countries, from orphanages, with talents
and artistic aptitudes need your help. Large sums of money received
as aid are stolen or used for other purposes.
Civil society can achieve effective control in this sector
acting in right directions:
What is most important for children and adolescents?
What kind of wishes and dreams do they have?
Do they believe in God or in various deities?
Or do they follow a teaching or adhere to certain tenets?
Or do love and friendship have the greatest power and significance?
Does the experience of love and friendship give them the strongest
sense of meaning and fulfilment? Beliefs have an influence on politics,
science and culture as well as on our attitudes and behaviour.
The future belongs to the adolescent, and their beliefs will shape
tomorrow’s world in essential ways.
Do adolescent believe in the role-models that their parents represent?
To what extent do schools, institutions and society influence young people?
Are children able to form their own opinions?

How strong is the influence of modern media and new technologies of
our globalized society?
The forms of expression may include music, photography, painting,
video tape recordings and writing, etc. Each person is asked to depict
in an artistic way his own kind of personal beliefs
Our Proposals for a Role – Models will be found in promoting
Mentoring Institution.
CreAtive Effects:
An old Chinese proverb say: „If you give a man a fish
he will feed once, if you teach him to fish he will feed
all his life” – Kuan-tzu.

Our project will provide pro-active implementation of this ideas
in our country and world wide. We will cultivate talents
  for giving them a rod to feed for whole life.
In addition, these talents can contribute through there
Creative Work to the activities of creative industries
for the benefit and Progress of HUMANITY


In this photo: Mihaela Ursuleasa and Nadia Comăneci
European Echo Magazine No.6

Last Interview

                                   Romanian Personalities

Mihaela Ursuleasa, "The World pianist"

A conversation with Mihaela Ursuleasa can be for a reporter a time of relaxation, but also an unusual and comfortable "journey" in the world of music. Upon meeting, I realized that I was "face to face" with the prodigy child of the 80's, the renowned pianist, born in 1978 in Brasov, who began her artistic career at 5 years old. At 8 she debuted with a piano concerto by Mozart astonished her auditors, becoming a student of the Vienna’s Conservatory at only 13 years of age. At 23 she became doctor in music at the same institution. Her artistic record is impressive. All these years, Mihaela has performed on the biggest stages in the world, played with the most famous bands as Vienna and Hamburg Philharmonics, Tonhalle in Zurich, Salzburg Mozarteum, Amsterdam Concertgebow, Academy St. Martin in the Fields, etc., working with the greatest conductors of the world, like Sir Neville Marriner, Claudio Abbado, Wolfgang Sawallisch, Kurt Sandeling, etc..

And yet, her story seems typical: "I come from a musical family, my mother was a singer and my father a passionate for jazz played the piano," she tried to explain with aplomb, with almost imperceptible desire to justify the origin of genius. An overreaction of modesty, if we consider the numerous awards acquired at international competitions and concerts on the great stages of the world, in the company of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and other famous music groups. During such a contest at age 12 Claudio Abbado, the Berlin Philharmonic artistic director after listening to her, impressed by her child's talent, recommended to move to Vienna, the music capital of the world and devote her to music.

"I manage myself my time, she said to the journalists shortly after arrival in Vienna. I live and I learn only through music, practicing 5-6 hours a day. " And, every day, every time Mihaela’s development meant more assimilation. And on her concerts she try to provide as much as she could to the audience, even when she was obliged to make in the process of creation "compromises" with the orchestra.

During this period, Mihaela tried to curb her “restive" temper with which God endowed her. Passion put on the keys can be appeased only by technical and self - control, she thought. "It is important to live what you sing, while the balance is acquired, tells teachers".

Located a few years ago in Bucharest for a concert with the National Radio Orchestra, Mihaela recorded a huge success by interpreting an extremely difficult music - Concerto no. 3 for Piano and Orchestra by Bela Bartok. In a particularly flattering on the chronic Concert, the acclaimed music critic, Viorel Cosma, wrote in the daily "Chronicle Romanian", "Brasov’s baby - wonder, which astonished the auditors at the age of 8, escaped the stage danger of capping our interpretative art of so many hopes, reaching today – at just 23 years of age - a pianist of international class"..." "If Dinu Lipatti personality remains the most representative Romanian school pianistic for the first half of the century, and Valentin Gheorghiu permanently inscribed in the memory of national keyboard the second part of the last century, this is the tradition of this difficult instrument has been - indisputably - Mihaela Ursuleasa, furthers the authorized third millennium, the large group of Romanian virtuous international class, "says the critic.
The prediction of the famous music critic materialized in 2008, when, after a very severe test, Mihaela became professor at Geneve’s Conservatory in Geneve, occupying the position held in the past century, with great results,  by the great pianist Dinu Lipatti.

Located at the end of July 2008 in her hometown for a few days of rest, the pianist did not missed the opportunity to make a visit to the European Literary Circle, the world's first online Cenacle (http://ponteuxin.tripod.com) whose founding member she was. On this occasion she had a meeting with the director of Cultural Centre soul "Redoubt", which hosts the European Cenacle, writer Ion Popescu Topolog. Following discussion with the management center the two sides agreed to launch in Brasov "The International Piano Competition" Mihaela Ursuleasa "dedicated to local and foreign talents. This initiative did not materialize but is today in the attention of the local county. At the close calls she wanted to declare her confession of faith, which we mention with great respect:
"Looking around me at concerts or other events, I was often surprised to meet both in Vienna and in Germany, but also in Romania, young people from adolescence until 20 to 30 years even grown men who, with a little luck, should have had the chance to become someone in art, they had talent but had no chance and, therefore, I want to get involved very seriously in this activity, in both capacity as mentor, and financial support for all talents "- a statement which most impressed.

                                        (Excerpts from lasts interviews from Romanian’s press)

                      Project No. 2 / 2013
            MIHAELA  URSULEASA -
          Piano Contest International
             Braşov Romania, 2013

Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation

Parteners: Reduta Cultural Centre
                  Ministry of Culture
                  Braşov County Council

Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation
promotes link between Europe and Asia
Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation (EAPCF)
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that develops children's creativity.
In the city of Brasov, in co-operation with Transylvania
University, we opened an unique Creativity Laboratory
in Romania. We promote creative projects
to children and youth
in collaboration with Science Centers worldwide.
The European Literature Circle, the first
Literary Circle online, was opened on 9 May 2000 as
a Forum for discussion, creation and initiative,
concerning the present and the future of our continent.
This international Forum is opened to all the
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