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Our first creation is called "The Magic Pencil". Every night, at 12 o'clock GMT, a magic pencil starts on-line from Greenwich and stops somewhere in a town in Europe, west, east, north or south. This magic pencil is going to 'write', in each of these stops, a (fairy) tale. On Tuesday, 9 May 2000, the magic pencil will stop in Brasov, Romania; you can read below the tale written by Eugen Vlad Parau, a 13 years-old young boy. We invite you to take part in our Creation Contest (literature, painting, music, etc.) Euro-Asia Publishing House will edit the best works in a book, at the end of the contest, twice a year. The winner will gain a week free trip in Romania.

The Magic Pencil story came from Eugen Vlad Parau

versiunea romaneasca

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