The Regulations of the Contest

1) The Contest is opened to all European Countries, which accept this regulations, under the sign of the unity and diversity of our Continent;

2) The starting point is constitued by the beauty and intelligence of creation, shown through “The Magic Pencil”, promoter of the European LIterature Circle on-line

3) At the beginning of Third Millennium, in 2001, the focus of the Magic Pencil is going to be at Brasov, Romania, where is established the headquarter of the European Literary Circle. The Pencil wrote hear the thematic of the Creation Contest and have designated the number, value and methodology of the future awards. Every year “The Magic Pencil” is going to move its centre to a different European country willing to receive it, country which will establish its own web-page and proposals for the day, place and progress of the Contest.
This time, will be organized exhibitions, concerts and festival –show and the members of the Literary Circle will promote the best creation works in an anniversary Contest book. All this activities are going to be coordinated in association with the Permanent Board of the European Literature Circle.

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