The thematic of the Creation Contest

1. The participant countries will establish its own web-page in all the creations fields, accepted on Internet: Literature, Arts, Music, Science, Film, Customs, Tourism, Gastronomy, Environment, Multi – media,etc. It will be taken in consideration original manuscripts, publishing, paintings, sculptures,photos, ethnography and folkore art works.

2. Each participant country will nominate a member of Jury, having the right of only one vote. The President of the Jury is going to be nominated by the Literary Circle’s host country among that country’s personalities, he having the right in case of ballotage to give two vots. In the jury it will also be the founder of the European Literary Circle. Host country will support all the local expensis from European funds, donations,sponsorisations, and it will have to give 5 yearly prizes for:
- Creativity;
- Intelligence;
- Personnality;
- Novelty;
- Faith.
the most important values of the European Literature Circle.

3. Each country will nominate the awards after the names of the national,european,international big personalities with a great impact on the nation’s public life, establishing an agreement with the organizators about the value, the ways and the place for giving the awards.

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