We intent to declare the Saint John Paul II with your Help
                      of this
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                              Holy Father, 
It is a great honour for us to send in the name of the Board of
"Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation" and of the
"European Literature Circle" this symbolic Message.
If this piece of paper could talk, it would say that it hides
in its structure the thoughts and the hopes of a nation that
had known many times the horrors of the wars.
It had also known the oppression of foreign occupancy,
of a matchless totalitarian regime and of an unnatural system
for its historical order.
The European Literature Circle was born to maintain Hope.
The hope that this world may look different, maybe better,
more human. More than one hundred young people creators,
adolescents and children from all over the world, artists,
writers, painters, composers, computer experts etc,
gathered under "The Magic Pencil" symbol are
anxious to create another image of the "Global Village",
a wiser one and maybe more just. But for all these
they need Peace and Love.
It’s time that Love and Peace defeat terror and
contempt for life. The Civilization of Love is a sensitive
flower that needs love, light, faith and beauty. Let’s build it
together to honour our predecessors, those who gave
all their lives to protect the human values. Let’s fight
against the poverty and let’s create good conditions
for a civilized global World.
His initiative of the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II,
for the values of the Civilization of Love represents
a courageous and excellent action that may
Change the World.
For this reason our Foundation, in the spirit of
European Values, promoting with consistency
the creative contribution of the young Generation,
on the occasion of European Literature Circle
Today, on 16th October
At the Forum for New Europe (3rd international edition)
Send this warm message to his

“Unique Personality, Model for the Humanity”
Who has investigated and discovered new possibilities
of development and has created new targets for the
moral, material and spiritual progress of mankind
through work, professionalism, talent, love and
self devotion, becoming:

“Civilization of Love”

Brasov, Romania, October 2003
                        The Appeal
      of the Forum for New Europe
(at the end of its first international reunion, Brasov, Romania, 23- 25 October 2001)

“The most intense battle in global bussines today is not for capital or advanced technology, or market share. It is for talent”
Six Forces Shape the Future of  Business:

          Dear Citizens of the Blue Planet
  One year from its birth, the European Literature Circle has reached the conclusion that at the beginning of this new millennium, the truths are still sad. Humankind is at the crossroads. All the requests of human intelligence, all the sacrifices of all the generations are questioned by the proliferation of violence. The Underground creeps out
from the caves, at the speed of technological progress, questioning the existence of the Blue Planet. “To be or not to be” becomes more and more poignant. We are convinced that none of the biggest problems,poverty, under development can be solved through terror.
  We are convinced that humankind has the resources, the spiritual capacity and the firm will to block the temptation of revenge.
Through this appeal we wish to add a voice to all the other
voices that plead for peaceful world. As long as it is not too late.
  Through the man of art, culture, science, education present of our festivities, we bid the governments and all the responsible organisms to eradicate the roots of evil and to ensure the survival of our small Planet.  
In a “Global Village”, solutions can be but global.
We appeal to everybody interested to join our initiative
to create in Brasov, Romania, an European Center for the Development of Creativity, Education and Artistic
Performance, an institution with methodical and practical
character in view of developing a “Creative Europe”.
We think that through art, culture, science, education and faith, we can successfully oppose violence and basic instincts.
We strongly support the initiative of the talented Romanian pianist, Mihaela Ursuleasa, founding member of the European Literature Circle, to open in the above –
mentioned purpose, a list of donation, by awarding a
one –year scholarship  to a young talented performer.
At the same time, the launching of the Program “Civilization of Love”, a cherished idea of the

Holy Father, Pope John Paul II,
can guide our steps towards Hope and Reconciliation.
                             So Help us God !
 Forum for New Europe of the European Literature Circle
Bra┼čov, Romania
24 October 2001

Everyone thinks of changing the world,

but no one thinks of changing himself.
Leo Tolstoy

1. every people intents to change the world,
  but no one thinks of changing himself

2. We invite you to find a mesure in
all things and to be more tolerant and pro-active

3. Try to be an example for everyone else

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