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Newsbrief September 20th, 1998 - 19.00 p.m.

"Euro-Asia" Foundation organizes at Brasov, "Chinese Food Festival"'s first edition BRASOV, 20th sept (MEDIAFAX) - "Euro-Asia" Foundation organizes, during 18th-30th of September, at Brasov, "Chinese Food Festival"'s first edition, informs the MEDIAFAX correspondent.
The Festival will end a day before the China's National Day celebration, the 1st of October, when Mao Zedong, the president of the central popular goverment, proclaimed, in Tian'anmen Square, Beijing, in the year 1949, the founding of People's Republic of China. Two chinese chefs from Shanghai and Sichuan province, together with Nicolae Urs, master in culinary art from Brasov, have conceived menus with traditional food and drinks specific to these areas in China. The Festival is hosted by "The Great Wall" Restaurant in "Sfatului Square" and was initiated by "Euro-Asia" Foundation with the support of the P.R. of China Embassy at Bucharest.
The manifestation has been organized right after the Romanian Embassy at Beijing had a similar action, in July, at "Euro-Asia" Foundation's initiative, at Gloria Plaza Hotel in Beijing. "Romanian Food Festival" enjoyed succes then among the chinese.
Cooks prepared chicken, duck, pork, beef and fish in the traditional style, using soy and ginger sauces, together with the rice brandy and jasmine tea. Among the dishes presented within the festival, the most renowned are "spring packages", "sour-sweet-hot soup", "roast duck", "Shanghai chicken" and "pork with cashew".
Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the P.R. of China Embassy at Bucharest, Chen Hong Shan, declared, at the festival official opening, that every medium town in the world has at least one chinese restaurant. Chinese culinary culture originates a few centuries back in time, the legend mentioning Yi Yin as initiator, a virtuous and capable minister of the Shang Dynasty (ca 15th to 11th century B.C.).
Chinese chefs explained that in their traditional cuisine they use in a great deal vegetables and soy, whereas in the romanian a lot of dishes are based on meat and dairy. Counsellor Chen Hong Shan confessed that he appreciates, referring to romanian cuisine, corn porridge "mamaliga" and cheese, meat rolls and tripe soup.

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