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The idea of this Center was born on the table of our specialistes, one year ago.
Conceived to host projects and plans of foundamental and applyed research, the Center will become an advanced school of investigation, mastership, doctorship, post-doctorship studies, etc.
The Center will become development place for young talented, intelligent people, prepared abroad and payed properly in our country.
The financing sources will be:
contracts of research, the capitalisation of intelectual property rights, donation, sponsorisation, etc.
The inventor EUGEN PAVEL has expressed his disponibility to co-operate with us, following that to this project will attract state and private funds Companies from: Romania, Japan, China, Italy, Germany, England.(
The Center will be supported by "Brasov Transilvania University" and other institutions alike, from Romania and from abroad.

The Gutemberg era sets - the Pavel era begins

Dr. Eugen Pavel
graduate of the Physics University from Bucharest with the mark 10 (1976);
the prize of the Romanian Academy (1991);
Doctor in phisics (1992) at the Institute of Atomic Phisics;
40 scientific works, published or comunicated;
36 patents of invention;
Gold Medal at the "Eureka" Contest from Bruxelles (1999) and for inventions that lead to the creation of the "Hyper - CD- Rom"

A Romanian has completly turned upride down the actual system of stocking the information. The " Hyper CD" with 3D recording;
Amazing capacity of storing the information.

If the "Gutenberg era", the printing era, lasted several hundred years, now the second wave, of storing-restoring the information- through image, phone, TV, magnetics bands, is unwinding under our eyes, allowing other new sistem of storing- restoring of individual or collective memory by using computers, satelits, optic fibres, Internet global networks or CDs.
But now, a romanian has launched an invention, the "Hyper - CD-Rom", that gives the humanity the possibility of having practical ways of storing- restoring information, with amazing capacities, not even dreamed 20-30 years ago.
The romanian "Hyper - CD-Rom", created by dr. Eugen Pavel, brought him 4 more patents for invention and the technology of making a special glass(fluorescent and photosensitive) on which the 3 D memorization can be realised, glass of which the Hyper - CD - Rom is made; for the new system of writing- reading adapted at the existing instalations; for the technology on memorizing the information on the disk, with the help of the laser; for the technology of multiplication of the Hyper - CD- Rom.
The new disk of Pavel is like an usual disk, as shape and size: 10mm thickness and 120 mm diameter, but is really an optic 3 D memory, multistratum, more acurately, 10,00 layers, and it has a capacity of stories of 10,000 Gigabytes.
Let's not forget what the English philosopher Francis Bacon, in the XV - th century said: "knowledge means power".

please read "COTIDIANUL"

ITEC Brazi won a gold medal for an invention concerning this subject at the EUREKA 2002 Exhibition, Brussels.

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MULTIingredient COMPOSITIONS FOR THE TREATMENT OF PSORIASIS Patent Appl. A/01117/2002 Inventors: Diana Cristina Andrei, Constantin Andrei, Romania DESCRIPTION: The multiingredient compositions - PSOROL - have been obtained for the treatment of psoriasis, a severe disease which affects 2-3% of the worlds population. PSOROL contains flavonoid extracted from plants such as: saponaria officinalis, glycyrrhiza glabra, chelidonium majus, hypericum perforatum, berberis vulgaris, long life free radicals and/or their precursors, and vitamins. SOLUTION: The main active components are the long life free radicals. This principle is based on the assertion that almost all the diseases are the effect of a free radicals excess in the human body. PSOROL stops the disease by the action of long life free radicals, as shown in the scheme below. The chosen free radicals are selective: they dont react with all the free radicals and they dont attack the normal cells. They stop the proliferation of abnormal cells (keratinocytes). ADVANTAGES: PSOROL slowers or even stops the developing of psoriasis; The compositions fight the free radicals and also the radical-cells; They are homogeneous and they have no side effects; They increase the immunity of the organism; The compositions stop the proliferation of the abnormal skin cells even after 3-4 days. Their efficacy is high and sure, depending also on the excipient type. The compositions have also a regenerative effect on the skin. APPLICATION: PSOROL was tested on volunteer patients. The results of the tests are presented in the following table: No. of patients Age of the disease The results of the PSOROL treatment 30% 1-12 months Healed in 1-3 months 60% 1-20 years Healed in 3-6 months 10% 1-20 years Getting better, but still under observation The mechanism of stopping the psoriasis, based on long life free radicals, in which: R - free radicals, including abnormal radical-cells: O2-, HO, HO2, L (lipid radical), LO2 (lipid-peroxyl-radical), LO (lipid-alkoxy-radical), NO2, NO, P (protein radical) A-O - long life free radical

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